“Medium is the message,” Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Philosopher.

DUBAI, UAE (SHANE PHILLIPS CONSULTANTS)–Whether you are reading someone’s CV as an Employer or writing one for yourself. You have to realize the “Medium is the Message” as Marshall McLuhan said.

The “Medium is the Message” is a North Star Principle in your Career Management War Chest. That is the medium through which a message is delivered is more powerful than the actual message itself.

For example if you are out on Thursday night and your friend tells you he is concerned about the political stability of country X, it has a much different effect than if on Friday morning you turn on the television and CNN and BBC are telling you they are worried about the stability of country X.

The message did not change only the medium did, producing a gravitational effect on your consciousness about the issue. A CV is very much the same. How it is structured, how it is laid out, what type of design is being used. All of this tells me about the candidate’s personality.

Don’t Be Fooled

In everything that is produced by the human consciousness lie subtle expressions of the subconscious mind and so the personality of its creator. Is the candidate a creative free flowing thinker, or are they structured and linear in their approach to their work? Are they detailed oriented and meticulously measured in their work? Are they results oriented or more organic in their approach to achievement?

The moral of the story here is don’t be fooled by the obvious, when looking at a CV forget the tangible facts it so proudly presents, take a step back and look at the big picture, what does the design, format and style tell you? As for the candidates who are reading this, be sure you have a style and format that relays the message you want to send.

I will be going into much greater detail on this concept in our Webinar this Saturday, August 10th at 2pm GST. We will be sending a link out shortly for those who want to join. The Webinar is free and is one more stepping stone to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Remember never give up, Champions never do.

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