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How to Negotiate Salary

August 11, 2013

"How much you are worth starts with you and how you feel inside," Shane Phillips, Managing Director at Shane Phillips Consultants. DUBAI, UAE (SHANE PHILLIPS CONSULTANTS)--Even the...


Career Clinic Blog – CV Writing

"Medium is the message," Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Philosopher. DUBAI, UAE (SHANE PHILLIPS CONSULTANTS)--Whether you are reading someone's CV as an Emplo...


Career Clinic Blog – You Are A Trader

"You are a trader, you may think you are a banker, an accountant, an engineer, or whatever it says on your business card, but in reality you are a trader and you are trading your time for ...


Career Clinic – The Job Search That Never Fails

July 25, 2013

“The Job Search That Never Fails” you will get all the resources you need to start a job search including how to find your true purpose in life, how to find your dream job and actually start doing...